We have added a new X-POD to our line up – X-POD 4.8.

Offering a sizeable increase in floor space, this X-POD is ideally suited to larger gardens and to those who need more from their garden room than our original X-POD provided.

Giving an interior floor space of 10.6m, X-POD 4.8 can comfortably house two people working in a garden office, more equipment for a garden gym and a much more comfortable environment for a garden studio, recreation room or summer house.

It offers all the same benefits over many alternative garden rooms as the standard 3.6m version, including:

  • Genuine ZERO maintenance
  • Fully insulated
  • Ultra-modern look

X-POD and X-POD 4.8 compared

HeightWidthDepthInternal Floor Space
X-POD 4.82.2m4.8m2.2m10.6m

In addition, extra lighting, insulation and power is provided as standard.

The additional 3m2 makes a huge difference, raising the standard from functional to luxurious when decorated in an appropriate way.

Of course, at X-POD we can provide bespoke dimensions to suit almost any installation but if you’re looking for a standard package then you now have greater choice.

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